Why New Paragraph?

A freelance writing expert recommends writers use their names for their website URLs. Unfortunately, a Canadian travel agent with my name got that advice, too. That’s when I realized I needed a different name for my business.

Paragraphs that are too long can be a struggle to read. And with everyone trying to do so much in less time today, it’s important to help people find the information they need–quickly.

Sometimes, just breaking up thoughts into several new paragraphs can add clarity and make those thoughts easier to digest.

As a freelance writer and editor, I strive to add clarity to your story and your message.

Website content and blogs

I can help if you need to refresh your website content or if you need a ghostwritten blog post for your site.

Feature content

I spent seven years writing for daily newspapers before becoming an editor, production manager and then content marketing director. Most of my career has been focused on content writing for business and content marketing for healthcare.

Brochures and other materials

Do you need a brochure or other material for your business? I can create something that gets your message across and meets your goals.

Who is Jane Levesque (pronounced LUH VAKE)?

I have wanted to be a writer since I scribbled wavy lines on paper before I knew the alphabet. I’ve always been fascinated by being able to share thoughts just by writing or typing them.

As a college student, I gradually accepted the fact that I would not make a living as a poet. Still, the beauty of language continued to captivate me. Journalism combined the practicality of providing a way to make a living (It was the early 1990s) with joyfully stringing words together.

I’ve spent years working in print and online. I’ve done writing, editing and project management. I’ve brainstormed story ideas, interviewed many people in various professions, written hundreds of articles, written headlines, uploaded content to customers’ websites, written mass emails that encourage people to act, and organized online content for a website redesign I spearheaded. As a Content Marketing Director, I managed hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of content for some of the nation’s top hospitals.

What does this mean for you? When you hire me to work on a project, you get the sum of all of my experience gathered throughout my career. You get a person who knows how to write attention-getting headlines and communicate your message to your customer. You get a person who can distill a lengthy document into a concise few paragraphs that get to the heart of what you’re trying to say.